ZDF Winter Olympics intro animation

In late september 2017 the great people at invited me to contribute to a pitch for the ZDF. For the 2018 winter olympics tv coverage in the ZDF they were looking to make the intro sequences a bit more visually outstanding. They already had the idea to go into an anime direction visually, to take inspiration from and take reference from the manwha market – which is how the western world refers to comic books from south korea.
The ZDF provided us with some video footage to work with and i was asked to develop the asthetics of the anime counterpart.

The following image was my first test. While i tried to make clear the anime influence i deliberately chose colors which were close to the provided video footage.

Bitteschoen’s Alexander Gellner prompted me to be more daring, to move away from the realistic color palette and try a more graphic approach. Which is how i got to this second image for which i also looked at some of the logo designs for the winter olypics.

Incorporating some feedback and refining it a bit further this basically became the style we then aimed for. I created a set of sequential styleframes which the animators at bitteschoen could reference when working on the animation. You can see a snippet of the animation in their 2017 showreel, at around 00:28 min.




Additionally to creating the styleframes i was also tasked with developing a rough storyboard which would showcase anime style animation sequences and it’s transitions into real video footage. I created a lot of frames and this was my personal selection of frames.

Thank you to the folks at for inviting me to contribute to this project and especially to Alexander Gellner who pushed me to go more graphic than i would have thought acceptable.