Jelly Splash

In may 2017 Wooga invited me to help out their product marketing team with a brand uplift campaign for their long running hit-game Jelly Splash.

To narrow in on the direction the brand uplift was supposed to take early on I created the following overview. I started with the at that point current splash image (the one with the yelow background and dark outlined logo) and made variants adding  and detracting from the execution of the pieces. My goal was to show what the range from an abstract, almost TwoDots-like, to a more detailled rendered version would look like.

We made the decision to stay true to the existing style but work towards increasing the production quality. So as one of the next steps I created these sketches to illustrate varying tonality and focus for the new creatives. It was important to me to illustrate that there is the opportunity to tell stories in creatives – playstore creatives, banners and community engagement – and thus provide the opportunity for the audience to develop an interest in the characters and the universe.

Increasing the awareness of Jellys as characters also meant that we needed to change how we display them inside the creatives. Like most appstore creatives the characters up to this point were basically used as floating heads. I wanted to break away from this and ground the characters in an environment and clearly break the creatives into a Jelly-World and a gameplay-space. While this complicates the creation of comps and asset reuse it helps a great deal to communicate the idea of tangible characters and a world.
To quickly illustrate this proposal i created the following sketches.

We discussed the proposals up to this point and decided to go forward with it. The next series of sketches again aims to show a range of tonality from “safe” to “silly”, but this time already much more focused towards the actual use case of store creatives.
Again my goal was to invoke the sense of a tangible world, thus i sketched it all as if it was one large scene and cropped into smaller visuals.
We also aimed to have gameplay footage and the character visuals correspond to the claims.

Thereafter i rendered the selected images for the creatives with enough buffer to be used in a variety of formats and also structured and layered in such a way that made it easier to use for trailers, banners etc. .
I also prepared the assets for animation, working closely with the animators to provide them with a layer-setup that works for them.

While working with the marketing team i had the chance to see all the great work they are doing for the community and product marketing. While the game-team was always happy to provide the marketing teams with all their ingame assets, i could see where the marketing teams had to expand out of the provided assets for their work.
Since the range and requirements of assets that are beneficial for marketing and community engagement is can differ quite a bit from the requirements of ingame assets i created these quick sketches, aiming to improve the understanding of what makes “useful marketing assets” and in the long run hopefully giving more options to the marketing teams to do their work.

And also additionally i reworked the icon of the game and recreated the majority of all pre-existing icon-variants in a modular, easy to use, easy to mix & match way.

Additional work included writing a backstory for the game, help define and shape the personalities for the Jellys, writing product promises, helping create the branding deck, creating random assets like a pointing hand, additional facial expressions for the Jellys in the splash images etc. … to help inform further development and provide options for the involved teams.

Many thanks to Wooga and especially the Jelly Splash game team and the product marketing team for having me contribute to this project.